4-5 Years Kids Christmas Toys and Gifts Guide

4-5 Years Kids Christmas Toys and Gifts Guide

Sometimes it can be a challenge to know what types of toys to get for a child. What do they like? What types of toys are age appropriate? If you are buying for someone else’s child and you are concerned that you may get them something they already have, ask the parents for ideas. They may even know a specific toy you could buy for the child.

The preschool years, ages 4 and 5, are probably one of the easiest age groups to buy for. Kids this age have quite the imagination and pretend play is a big part of their lives. They also learn so much that they need to know through play. Toys that encourage them to learn more are great!

Learning Games

A learning game that teaches them the alphabet or even a simple fun game that helps them learn to take turns would be a good choice.

Dress Up & Pretend Play

Dress-up clothes seem to be popular with this age group. Little girls like to dress up as princesses and little boys like to dress up as superheroes. They may want to live in their favorite costume but they are having fun. This is all a part of being a kid.

Arts & Crafts

Sensory exploration is great for a preschooler child’s development. Play-doh, finger paint and modeling clay are a good way for a child to work with his hands and be creative.

Books and Puzzles

Books and puzzles are popular among preschoolers too. They greatly contribute to brain development and are a nice quiet time activity. Short story books that you can read to them are good choices as well as picture books that they can look at and understand on their own.

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys like train track sets, building blocks etc..are durable and make for a very enjoyable activity for a preschooler. They won’t break nearly as easy as plastic toys.

Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys such as a sandbox, tricycle, or a t-ball set are great toys for a kid with some yard to play in. Kids need time outside to explore, get fresh air and burn off all of that energy.

Learning DVDs

Learning DVDs such as phonics DVDs or some other type of learning DVD are good to buy for kids as well. Just remember to not allow too much television time for preschool children. It’s not good for them to watch TV for many hours.

I’m speaking from experience here. I have children of my own in this age range and they are easy to buy for. They would love anything on this list. They are entertained for hours with fun toys that get them engaged and help in their development.

It is actually very easy to buy toys for preschoolers. They enjoy almost anything and most things are still very new and interesting to them. Keep it simple and follow this guide when you are buying toys for a little one.

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