8 Years and Up Kids Christmas Toys and Gifts Guide

8 Years and Up Kids Christmas Toys and Gifts Guide

Children ages 8 years and up are an exciting age to buy toys for both as gifts or everyday presents. No longer are they restricted to simple play things. Boys and girls can explore a deeper more imaginative play with toys that have smaller parts and more detail. A wide range of toys can be chosen during these years. Depending on the child’s interest will determine what toys make the ideal purchase.

The Creative Child

Boys and girls 8+ can now begin really exploring crafts at this age. Things that require more concentration and focus that were once off limits as toddlers and young children are now something to try. Pottery wheels, magic kits, snow paint, decoupage tote kits, complex marble run sets, and electronic airplanes are just the tip of the iceberg. The older the child the more challenging and detailed the toys can become. A creative child might also enjoy cooking and baking kits as well where he or she can design their own edible creations.

The Sporty, Adventure-Seeking Child

Outdoor mini golf, croquet, and Zipline kits are just one area to start when selecting toys that will make the adventure-seeking child happy. How about digging for fossils? Or maybe he or she would enjoy inline skating sets? Rollerblading is a fun upgrade from roller skates. Another really great toy to consider are the giant inflatable soccer balls and beach balls.

For the older children, gem mining kits, spy gear night goggles, or a pogo stick are other options to explore. Choices are really endless for toys geared for children eight years and up. Local stores have options but for really original toys the internet is the place to scour. Many online stores have items no local store has room to carry on the shelves.

The Fantasy Child

Toys for children 8+ years and up are sometimes difficult to find but always fun and original. A pedicure salon kit and some princess costumes would make for an exciting time pretending with friends. Most older girls would appreciate some Aquabeads or Duct Tape Party kit. Older boys might enjoy some Star Wars Legos. For the ultimate in pretend, role-playing boys will love Marvel Costume kits and parts such as Iron Man’s Electronic Helmet or Dungeons and Dragons figurines.

The Educational Child

For the child that loves to learn about everything, forensic science kids (yes they make children’s versions), a microscope kit and instruction book, butterfly pavilion, solitary chess, or a telescope are choice options that will make the well-educated child quite pleased. He or she might also enjoy a rainforest biosphere kit. If the child loves a challenge and has an attention to detail a Perplexus might be more to their liking. The tiny maze will have he or she engaged for hours.

In order to choose the right toy for a child 8+ years and up, the child’s interests really have to be taken to heart. All children have different interests at different stages of growth. The big transition away from toys though is usually somewhere around ages 11 and 12 as the teenage years approach. Knowing the child’s interest, do a little research online or in a local toy store. The right toy will reveal itself in no time.

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