Barbie Closet and Fashion Set Review

Barbie has had many occupations, but deep down she has always been a fashion model. The Barbie closet and fashion set is a complete storage and carrying case for Barbie’s clothes and fashion accessories. This plastic case features a cutout design complete with windows and doors and a carrying handle.

It opens to reveal shelves, drawers and storage spaces for all of Barbie’s clothes and accessories. It also comes with six hangers and two hanging rods. Plus, it also comes with four dresses, two pairs of shoes, a purse, a necklace, and a pair of sunglasses. There is also room to store one Barbie doll. This makes taking Barbie and her accessories easy for on the go fun.

Barbie Closet and Fashion Set

Barbie Closet and Fashion Set

Product Information

  • Recommended Ages = 3 to 10 years
  • Total Pieces = 16
  • Barbie Not Included

Product Features

Ultimate Closet and Carrying Case

  • Designed in shades of Barbie Pink
  • Cute cut-out design
  • Bow decorated carrying handle
  • Two windowed doors
  • Inside panels decorated with cool Barbie decals

Three Storage Areas

  • Two hanging racks
  • One side can be used to store Barbie
  • Classic closet with top shelf and drawer
  • Center panel with five compartments and one drawer

Clothing Included

  • Four dresses
  • Two pairs of shoes

Other Accessories Include

  • Six Hangers
  • One purse
  • One necklace
  • One pair of sunglasses

Barbie closet and fashion set

Plus Points

1. This case has tons of storage and helps to keep Barbie’s clothes and accessories organized. It also makes taking Barbie and her clothes on the go easy. This is a great beginner’s closet collection. It also leaves room to grow.

2. The wardrobe has a look for every occasion. For that formal event, there is a shimmery pink one shoulder gown. If Barbie is attending a more casual event, she may want to wear the pink and black dress. If Barbie is shopping, she may want to opt for her summery floral dress. If she is attending a party there is also a fun party dress with a halter tie. This wardrobe contains a dress for every Barbie occasion.

3. Opens up like a playset. This set can be used for many different Barbie play areas. A child’s imagination can run wild using this as a fashion closet or a dress store. Cute touches like decals, cut-outs, and windows make this set versatile and fun.

4. Can be used with other dolls too. Anna and Elsa both fit with this playset.

Things to Consider

1. Barbie is not included. A doll can be stored in one side of the storage closet, but a Barbie does not come with the set.

2. Plastic construction can be fragile. Kids love this playset, but it is made of plastic and care needs to be taken when using it.

3. Small pieces can be lost, and some of the doors and moving parts can be fragile.

Barbie closet and fashion setProduct Summary

Overall this is a cute Barbie closet and fashion set. The storage case is perfect for Barbie’s clothes and accessories. Plus, it makes taking Barbie on the go super easy. Young imaginations love the details of the Barbie fashion closet. From the pink case with cute plastic cutouts to the detailed interior decals, there is a lot of Barbie fun packed into this set.

Young fashionistas can begin collecting and expanding their Barbie fashion wardrobe with this set. There is a dress for every occasion along with additional hangers and room to grow in Barbie’s closet. The cool shoes, elegant necklace and sophisticated sunglasses add the finishing touches to make this the perfect Barbie fashion accessory.

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