Candy Craft Chocolate Pen Review

Candy Craft Chocolate Pen ReviewThe Candy Craft Chocolate Pen is the perfect toy for kids of all ages. With it, your child can easily create a variety of treats including candy pops. It can be used to decorate cupcakes or make separate delicious designs that are completely edible.

Kids love this toy because it gives them a chance to express their creativity and explore the fun world of baking. The Candy Craft Chocolate Pen comes with half a pound of real chocolate in four different colors of pink, blue, white, and brown.

This chocolate is real confectionery chocolate so it has a superior taste. You can bake your own treats like cupcakes and have your children decorate those or if you’d rather get started decorating as soon as the box is open, you can do that instead with the included candy molds.

There are three of these candy mold trays that kids can use. One candy tray is all about animals and includes candy molds for a dolphin, an elephant, and an owl. The second tray has symbols like a heart, a rainbow, and the peace symbol.

The final tray contains food items like a cupcake, a pretzel and more.After your child is finished with his or her chocolate creations, all you have to do is pop the candy into the freezer for about ten minutes.

Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

Once the chocolate is set, your kids can enjoy the treats they just made. One feature that parents love about the Candy Craft Chocolate Pen is that it’s easy to clean up. This is because the chocolate stays contained within a plastic bag that fits into the pen.

That means when kids are done using this toy, all a parent has to do is remove the bag if the child isn’t able to. If there’s remaining chocolate still in the bag, you can store it and use it again later so nothing is wasted.

The Chocolate Pen is motorized and does need two AA batteries in order to be used. These aren’t included with your kit, so make sure you pick some up before showing this fun toy to your kids.

Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

Once the plastic bag with the warmed chocolate is placed inside the pen, all your child needs to do is hold down the large button to begin creating edible masterpieces. The pen is easy for children of any age to use but if your child is young and has small hands, you might need to help her use it until she gets the hang of it.

Besides the pen and candy molds, the Chocolate Pen also comes with pen tips, gift bags, and an instruction booklet. If you run out of chocolate, there are chocolate refills available that you can buy separately, plus, there are also additional kits that you can purchase.

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