Compose Yourself Music Card Game Review

Compose Yourself Music Card GameCompose Yourself Music Card Game Review, The best way that children learn is through hands-on teaching. All kids naturally have the desire to create – especially when it comes to music, and you can encourage that desire by introducing your child to Compose Yourself Music Card Game by ThinkFun.

This learning toy does so much more than ordinary music kits that teach a child how to read sheet music. This set teaches a child how to actually compose. The notes are arranged in musical compositions based on what another music composer created.

However, by using Compose Yourself, kids can change the sheet music to suit what they want. They can remove the bass symbol or turn the card upside down. When kids get to experiment with music, not only do they find it fun, but they’re eager to learn – and kids retain more with hands on learning versus being instructed without actually doing.

The set allows kids to create compositions for themselves. This learning toy is the creation of Maestro Philip Sheppard and any child can use the cards to create the music he wants to create.

Not only will your child learn by playing, but he’ll be able to arrange the notes in a manner to create a beautiful composition. With more than a billion different combinations of music, your child will never get tired of creating his compositions.

Compose Yourself Music Card Game

The cards can be arranged in a pattern and each of the cards are numbered on the top as well as on the bottom for easy identification. When the child is finished arranging the notes on the cards the way that he wants them, he can input the code and will be able to hear what he’s created being played.

His creation will be performed by a symphony orchestra at an actual music studio. What parents love about this set is that kids who don’t know anything at all about music composition or even how to play a single instrument can still create wonderful compositions.

These cards will help inspire your child’s imagination, help him to express himself musically and build his self-confidence. Using the cards is simple to do and even young kids can get involved.

Compose Yourself Music Card Game

Compose Yourself Music Card Game

All kids have to do is put four cards in whatever order they want them to go in. Once they have the pattern that they like, they put the codes into the website. After the code is entered into the website, the child’s creation will them be played by the orchestra.

Your child can still rearrange the notes if he prefers a different sound. When he’s satisfied with his musical composition, he can get the MP3 of his music or he can print it out to play on a musical instrument. When you purchase the Compose Yourself kit, you’ll get 60 different music cards for your child to work with to create endless compositions.

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