Disney Frozen Elsa’s Ice Palace Playset Review

Disney Frozen Elsa’s Ice Palace Playset Review – The Disney movie Frozen took the world by storm and sparked love from millions of kids. Kids everywhere loved and adored the world that Elsa lived in. Now, thanks to the Disney Frozen Elsa’s Ice Palace Playset, kids can explore their imaginations and experience the world that Elsa created.

The ice palace looks just like the one that the character created from her power to control the ice and snow. With this toy, any child can experience the magic and wonder that brought the castle to life in the movie.

Disney Frozen Elsa's Ice Palace Playset Review

They’ll be able to spend time creating scenes from the movie in the beautiful castle. The palace has doors that work along with a lovely balcony.One of the features that kids love with this toy is the way that they can use motion to make a light show come to life.

They’ll be able to experience the same wonder that was shared in the movie as the words to the hit song “Let it Go” filled theaters everywhere. The beautiful castle carries more than a hint of magic as the snow morphs into stairs just like it did when Elsa first created the castle.

Kids will be able to see the chandelier made of icicles and delight in the beauty of it. The castle has the ability to transform into a bigger size too which gives kids the impression that their castle is growing bigger and taller just like it did in the movie.

All kids have to do is to move the crank handle and the castle will magically expand to a larger height. The castle comes with a lot of different fun accents that your child can enjoy during playtime.

There are a lot of creative designs with the castle featuring accents that make the castle look gorgeous. There’s a mirror that kids can use with an Elsa doll and watch her turn around and sing.

Disney Frozen Elsa's Ice Palace Playset Review

Disney Frozen Elsa’s Ice Palace Playset

They can imagine how her clothes morphed into the icy beauty that they turned into during the castle scene in the movie. There’s a special treat for kids with the mirror that flips to give kids a picture of Elsa singing.

Kids can use the accessories to have fun playing different scenes from the movie. There is a vanity set including perfume bottles where kids can let Elsa sit while she does her hair or makeup.

Along with the castle, kids will get accessories like a day bed, dining items, and a throne. Also included is the coronation globe and the scepter. Kids can use the brush to style Elsa’s hair. There is some assembly required. The castle stands 3 feet in height and can be used with the Elsa and Anna dolls.

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