Elite Ring Toss Review

Elite Ring Toss Review – If you’re looking for a game that can be played both indoors and outdoors, Elite Ring Toss is the perfect choice. All members of the family can participate, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company. This game is easy to set up, comes with a carry bag, and does not require batteries, making it convenient to carry and play anywhere too.

Features of the Elite Ring TossElite Ring Toss

The Elite Ring Toss game is made of durable materials, strong enough to withstand rough handling by adults and children. The compact bag makes it easy to carry when you venture outdoors to play. Let us look at the features in this game:

  • Five durable rings with dimensions of 42cmx5cmx1.5cm
  • A sturdy wood ring board with point markings on the pegs

Is the Elite Ring Toss Worth Buying?

The game is versatile can be played all year round in any season and doesn’t require a lot of storage space. It can be played by persons of all ages anywhere and at no cost to the participants. In addition, this game comes with a warranty.

Plus Points
  • It can be played indoors, outdoors, on camping trips, barbeques, on the beach, on other outings and occasions.
  • All family members can play this game including grandparents and children as young as 2 years.
  • The carry bag makes the game easy to carry and store and can fit easily into the trunk of a car.
  • It’s made of strong durable material that will not break easily.
  • The game helps in the development of hand and eye coordination skills in young children. It also helps in developing a good handwriting for children due to improved hand and eye coordination.
  • Children become better at handling and playing with small objects.
Elite Ring Toss

Elite Ring Toss

Things to Consider
  • Pegs have to be screwed on to the board and unscrewed after use making the groves on the board and pegs wear out after sometime.
  • Some of the units come with defects especially faulty groves on pegs and boards.
  • Small children between the ages of 4 to 2 years find it difficult to toss the rings on to the pegs.


The Elite Ring Toss game is easy to carry and store and is designed to for all ages. Although some units may come with defects, the manufacturer is very willing to promptly replace any defective unit. The game is worth having because it can help children improve coordination skills as well as offer lots of fun for the entire family.

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