Emoji Universe: Plastic Stamps Review

Emoji Universe: Plastic Stamps Review – It is easy to express your mood with this plastic stamp set as long as it is one of happiness or love; there are no sad faces in this stamp collection, so all expressions are kept positive and airy! Whether teacher, parent or child, the inked stamps in this set are fun to use.

Elementary teachers can use them as a visual expression of the grade on a young student’s paper for excellent work or as part of an arts & craft classroom project. Parents and kids can use the stamps as part of a larger craft project or when just fooling around on paper for fun. And if you like to play Bingo, use these stamps instead of the standard Bingo markers.

Features of the Emoji Universe: Plastic StampsEmoji Universe: Plastic Stamps

  • Pre-inked
  • Stamping surface comes with a plastic seal
  • Comes in 10 faces in 5 different colours
  • Faces measure approximately 1” in diameter
  • Ages 3 years and up
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Is the Emoji Universe: Plastic Stamps Worth Buying?

Each stamp in the set comes pre-inked, and contains enough ink for 215 smiley faces. Pre-inking eliminates the mess that can come with using an ink pad. However, with that said, once a stamp is empty, it could still be used with an ink pad.

The stamp set comes with 50 smiley face stamps – 10 different face designs with each stamp in five different colours: pink, purple, red, blue, purple and green. Not only can you match the smiley face to your mood at the time, but also in the colour you are feeling. Because each pad face is sealed in plastic, you can be assured the ink has not dried out before buying. After opening just put on the cap that comes with each stamp to keep the ink from drying out after opened.

Emoji Universe: Plastic Stamps Review

Emoji Universe: Plastic Stamps

When used on a flat surface, and with even pressure, each stamp makes a perfect face. Depending on the quality of the paper, the ink can bleed through to the other side. A caution to be aware of if creating a double-sided project or inking on an absorbent surface under the paper. What fun!

Are you into scrapbooking? Add a set of these stamps to your scrapbook hobby. Or make a unique, one-of-a-kind card for that special someone. You can do it if you have a set of Emoji Universe: Plastic Stamps. Another use could be at a kid’s party. See what kids can do with stamps. As you can see, there are many different uses for the Emoji Universe: Plastic Stamps. Be the cool parent and get a set today!

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