First Order Snowspeeder Figure Review – Star Wars The Force Awakens Vehicle

Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder Figure Review

The Star Wars First Order Snowspeeder is a fun toy that’s sure to delight kids and Star Wars fans of all ages and it will be a welcome addition to any collection. The Snowspeeder is designed similar to how it looks in the movie and has a lot of detail.

It does come with one of the Snowtrooper officer figures, which looks somewhat like a Stormtrooper as far as the armor color and some of the details. The eye portion of the figure is different from the original Stormtrooper in that the eye portion is smaller.

First Order Snowspeeder Figure Review

The Snowtrooper comes with some accessories. He has a backpack and a blaster gun, which can also be removed during play. His legs bend so he can stand or sit, which means you can have him pilot the Snowspeeder in a natural pose.

His hands are designed so that they can easily grip the controls in the cockpit to make it seem like he really is controlling this spacecraft. One great thing about the cockpit is that the Snowspeeder can hold up two figures at once, so there’s room to play with a friend or just to add another character to whatever imaginative situation your child creates.

When you open the box, you will have to do a little bit of assembling the pieces to make sure that your Snowspeeder looks like the one that’s pictured on the box. However, the assembly shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes and it’s fairly easy to put together.

One of the most exciting features of the Snowspeeder is the mounted missile launcher on the ship. The launcher really works and fires the included missile when you push down on the button.

Another thing to love about the missile launcher is that it’s removable. This means you can use it in the ship or along with some of the other Star Wars’ toys. The only problem with the missile launcher is that only one missile is included, so if you lose the missile, you won’t be able to use the launcher.

Keep this in mind if you’re buying the Snowspeeder for a young child with a tendency to misplace his toys because you can’t buy these missiles separately. Underneath the Snowspeeder is some hidden landing gear.

First Order Snowspeeder Figure Review

First Order Snowspeeder Figure

If you’re a collector, you’ll want to pull the landing gear down to put this impressive ship on display.What many fans of the Star Wars franchise like about the Snowspeeder is the attention to detail from Hasbro.

When you look at the toy up close, you can see twin engines and storage areas. While the storage areas don’t open, it’s easy to see how much thought went into the design of the craft. Both kids and fans agree that the Snowspeeder is one of the most interesting toy vehicles in the Force Awakens product line.

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