Fisher Price Little People Big Animal Zoo Review

Fisher Price Little People Big Animal Zoo ReviewLittle kids love the zoo because it’s just so fascinating for them. They’ll love the Fisher Price Little People Big Animal Zoo too. There are quite a few adventures to be had and a lot of things to see with this wonderful toy.

There are fun things that will engage your child’s attention and spark his imagination. This toy will help to foster your child’s desire to explore and discover how things work. With Little People Big Animal Zoo, your little one can pretend that when it’s dinnertime for the animals, that he’s feeding them their supper.

The elephant food can be rolled down to him using the platform to the ramp. There’s also a little washing area that has a hose that your child can use so that he can also pretend to bathe the animals to help keep them clean.

The top part of the tree is an adorable teeter totter that the monkey loves to play on and he can also go on the swing. One part of the tree has a little lookout area and right below that is the tree swing.

Your child will be thrilled to step into the role of zookeeper and make sure that the animals are all happy and well cared for. The set has an area where the animals can be taken to get measured for how tall they are and how much they weigh.

Fisher Price Little People Big Animal Zoo Review

When the weighing is all done, kids can use the eye chart below the scale to make sure the animals are all seeing correctly. A big elephant comes as part of this set and kids adore him.

He has a moveable trunk and though he has tusks on the side, these are molded into the animal so that no sharp edges poke out. His legs can be posed in different configurations.

The elephant adds to the fun of the set with his music and sounds. To hear the music, kids just have to move the elephant’s head or push on the mouse that rides on the elephant’s back.

Fisher Price Little People Big Animal Zoo Review

Fisher Price Little People Big Animal Zoo

When the mouse is pressed, you can also hear the elephant make a roaring sound. The mouse also emits a sound. There’s not a way to turn off the sounds so if you get tired of hearing them, you’ll have to take out the batteries.

This elephant is larger than he appears on the package and he’s not a lightweight piece. He does need two AAA batteries to operate. The toy comes with the set, 2 people figurines, the large elephant, the small monkey, some food for the animals and a fence connector. This set is compatible with other Fisher Price animal sets.

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