GoSports Giant Toppling Tower Review

GoSports Giant Toppling Tower Review – Similar to one of American’s most popular games Jenga®, GoSports Giant Toppling Tower takes stacking blocks to the next level. The purpose of the game is for each player to remove one block and add it to the top without the tower toppling over. The higher it gets, the less stable it becomes. But this old game has a new twist: numbered blocks and a set of rules – a standard set of rules that comes with the game or create your own on the included dry erase board.

Features of the GoSports Giant Toppling TowerGoSports Giant Toppling Tower

  • Giant size
  • Includes dry erase board
  • Measures over 5 feet high when completed
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • All ages
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Is the GoSports Giant Toppling Tower Worth Buying?

According to the fun factor of this game, most past customers say it is worth every cent and more. Its size alone is impressive. Starting out at just over 2 feet high, it can grow to almost 5 feet by the end of the game (if you pull out the right blocks). With kids, it is best played on the floor. Be sure little kids are supervised as the tower could scare them when it topples. Adults might be more comfortable playing off of a table-top.

But size is only one part of what makes this game fun. Some of the blocks come with numbers on them. When a numbered block (stacked face-down on the original set-up) is pulled, the player must follow the rule established for that number. It could be reverse the order, skip a turn, etc. A standard set of rules is included with the game. However, it also comes with a dry erase board where you can create your own set of rules. At an all-adult, party think of the fun you could have!

GoSports Giant Toppling Tower Review

GoSports Giant Toppling Tower

The game is not light – 31.6 pounds. But it does come with a zippered tote carrying case, making it very portable, easy to take with you and a place to keep all of the pieces together when not playing. It comes with 54 blocks with each block measuring 7.75” X 2.5” X 1.5”. Blocks are made from solid straight pine wood, sanded smooth and lightly finished.  When set up, the base measures about 8 inches square and 18 rows high. Then the fun starts!

Whether looking for a new family game, a different version of an old family game of stacking blocks, or something different for your next adult-themed party, the GoSports Giant Toppling Tower would be a great choice. Get stacking!

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