Hot Wheels Mega Auto Garage Playset Review

Hot Wheels Mega Auto Garage Playset Review – The Hot Wheels vehicles are so much fun to collect and it’s even more fun to collect the many different playsets that relate to these vehicles. One of the hottest sets right now is the Hot Wheels Mega Auto Garage Playset because it’s power packed with hours of entertainment for your child and his friends.

Hot Wheels Mega Auto Garage Playset Review

This is the king of sets and is said to be the largest Hot Wheels garage on the market. It has a total of 36 places for kids to park their Hot Wheels vehicles. On top of that, there’s room for play, so kids have the opportunity to do a lot of different things with the set.

There are different places on the garage that lets kids choose which type of play they want to engage in. There’s the tune-up shop where they can pull in a Hot Wheels car and make it run beautifully with a top-notch tune up.

The set also has a gas station where kids can pull a car in and pretend to gas it up and get the windshield all cleaned and shiny. There’s also a chomping shark kids can make the cars zip past along with a helipad and pier.

That way, kids can use their imagination in a lot of different ways. This is a multi-level garage that features a ramp kids can use to zip the cars down. Kids of all ages will love the chance to prove that their car is the fastest as they set them up to race down the ramp.

Hot Wheels Mega Auto Garage Playset Review

They won’t have to guess which car won because a winner flag will show who won the race. There is a total of eight different fun areas that kids can use to play with the cars. The garage comes with both sound and lights.

The garage is fairly tall since it has four levels for the parking spaces. Kids use the ramp to get into the garage but there are two elevators that can move the cars from one of the levels to another.

When a car races through certain areas of the garage, this causes the lights and sounds to turn on. When you get the garage, it comes with the garage, five different Hot Wheels vehicles and the helicopter.

Hot Wheels Mega Auto Garage Playset Review

Hot Wheels Mega Auto Garage Playset

The helicopter has the ability to lift up the cars one at a time. You can use the garage as a standalone set or it can be connected to other tracks. When your child is through playing with the garage for the day, it makes a great place to store and show off his Hot Wheels collection.

The Hot Wheels Mega Auto Garage Playset is suitable for kids who are at least 5 years old and older. There is some assembly required and this can take a little time because of all of the adhesive decals to put up. Make sure you buy some AA batteries because they’re needed for the garage to make the sounds and light up. These aren’t included in the box.

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