Imhotep Board Game Review

Imhotep Board Game Review – Imhotep, a board game published by award-winning German company, KOSMOS, was released earlier this year. The game features beautiful graphics, inspired by the enchantment of ancient Egypt, and smart design that allows for multiple outcomes on any number of turns. As a result of its beautiful and intelligent design, the game won the 2016 Spiel des Jahres, an annual award given to board and card games exhibiting artful conception and overwhelmingly positive player reviews.

Imhotep Board Game ReviewThe board game is ideal for families as well as groups of friends, but is recommended for players of at least ten years of age and older. This recommendation is mainly due to the game’s concepts of strategy and logic, which may be difficult for younger children to grasp or too complicated to peak their interests, rather than any inappropriate matter.

Imhotep is structured as a minimum of two, maximum of four participant game, with each individual receiving colored game pieces to signify their actions and mark their moves through the game.

Gray cubes, black cubes, white cubes, and brown cubes are what each competitor has to choose from, and each color aims to achieve strategic placements on the board for optimum points scored. Other pieces of the game include: cardboard cut-out boats, board place mats that each feature different settings, and game cards that help players advance by establishing point systems.

Imhotep Builder of Egypt Board Game

Imhotep Builder of Egypt Board Game

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The objective of the game is to score the most points, which are determined by each players’ cubes – where they are placed and how many are placed. Certain positions mark higher points than others and attempting to beat other players to those positions is more than half the fun to this game.

The colored cubes aren’t the only movable pieces to Imhotep; boats can ‘dock’ at different places. Docking points are indicated by carved out areas on the side of the board and participants move the boats to dock at each different setting: a marketplace, pyramids in a sandy, desert, temples, and even a burial chamber (complete with mummified Pharaoh). Once they are able to dock at a setting of their choice, that is, if they aren’t stopped by other players, players can choose to place their colored cubes on designated marks, eventually building a temple or pyramid, while simultaneously gaining points.

Imhotep Board Game Review

Imhotep is entertaining and addictive, because it offers its participants many options at each of their turns to not only advance themselves, but hurt their competitors chances at winning. The brilliant part about the game’s design is simply the presence of opportunity and consequences. For example, the player with the most cubes on the board, isn’t always necessarily the winner in the end, as an attention to detail and good grasp of how the game works will prove advantageous for the winner of the game. Children and adults will enjoy the game as it calls for cunning, yet thrives on simplicity.

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