The Inchworm Push Ride-On Review

The Inchworm Push Ride-On Review – The InchWorm is a classic toy that has been redone by Radio Flyer. It’s now more fun and it has better bouncing action! Children who weigh twenty-five pounds or more can easily bounce on the new InchWorm. The InchWorm encourages active play through the bounce-and-go motion. Shaped like an inch worm with a bent back, the toy has a saddle, footrest and the handle is heart shaped. (The toy itself is extremely cute and pleasant to look at for adults and children alike!) It’s designed to make the ride feel fun and comfortable to ride and bounce up and down on.

The Inchworm Push Ride-OnThe InchWorm itself is adorable and fun, and kids love the shape and the toy itself has been a long time favorite for young children. Parents of young children will more than likely instantly remember this classic toy with the extremely friendly face. The inch worm has an accordion shape that serves to push the inch worm forward on wheels when bounced on. Kids love to ride this wonderful toy for long periods of time.

The InchWorm is especially good for children with disabilities. Since a child has to bounce on the inch worm to get it to move ahead, it’s extremely good for his or her motor co-ordination.

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Motor co-ordination helps children who have issues with motor function development. This is common with children with Down Syndrome and some Autistic children. It also helps children with Autism realize that they can control movements of the toy.

The Inchworm Push Ride-On

The Inchworm Push Ride-On

The toy provides a multi-sensory approach for children with disabilities as the Inchworm Push Ride-On has different textures and it also has a red hat that children love, which contrasts to the green color of the body of the toy. The toy is also not complex to use and children with special needs will find it easy and not difficult to enjoy.

There is no limit on how to use this toy, or no wrong or right way. A child can simply bounce on it and enjoy the toy’s reaction. It will move, it’s on wheels, and there is very minimal reason for a child to get frustrated while using this toy as it slides around and it’s very mobile. Most importantly, this toy can be used by all children, and it will make children with disabilities feel at home because it not just a toy for kids with disabilities!

The Inchworm Push Ride-On Review

The Inchworm Push Ride-On by Radio Flyer is an old goodie ‘brought back to life’ with plenty of things to attract children with disabilities as well as children without disabilities. This will bring hours of great, safe fun to your child or children, and it will also give your home toy collection a nostalgic feel.

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