International Leisure Giant Swan Review

International Leisure Giant Swan Review – If you’re thinking of buying an inflatable pool toy, you should consider the International Leisure Giant Swan. A well-made inflatable water toy, this swan is appropriate for both kids and adults and serves both functional and enjoyment purposes. So, whether you’re looking for an inflatable toy to enhance your pool, provide enjoyment to family, friends and guests, or one that you can take to the beach or on water-related adventures, this leisure giant swan will make an ideal fit.

Features of the International Leisure Giant Swan

International Leisure Giant SwanTop on the list of this International Leisure Giant Swan’s features is a durable build that promises years of use. The toy is made of heavy-duty vinyl that can withstand heavy use including taking a beating from rocks, underwater logs, and sticks, when taken on river/lake rides. The toy’s thick material is also heat resistant which means your swan will not become scorching hot when left out in the sun for long stretches of time.

Other quality features of the inflatable swan include:

  • Huge 75” Size

As the name indicates, this inflatable water toy is truly a giant. It measures a massive 75 inches long and can carry a maximum weight capacity of 140 pounds. According to users, this translates to 2 adults and seven 10-year olds.

  • Separate Air Chambers

Thanks to this feature, inflating the swan is easy. The separate air chambers allow users complete the task in less than 10 minutes.

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Is the International Leisure Giant Swan Worth Buying?International Leisure Giant Swan

With hundreds of positive reviews, this giant swan has more satisfied customers than those who are not pleased with the toy. Most users say that the giant swan is a great value tool that functions well in both light and heavy use. So, you can be sure that everyone in your family will love this giant swan.

Plus Points
  • The giant swan is very stable which means no tipping over for kids.
  • It’s large and super comfortable that you can fall asleep on the swan.
  • The inflatable swan is built tough and can handle river trips that may turn into rapids.
  • Provides parents with the peace of mind of knowing their kids will be safe in the water.
  • Inflates easily and quickly.
  • Makes a great aid for swimming lessons.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Can be used by men and women of almost any age.
International Leisure Giant Swan

International Leisure Giant Swan

Things to Consider
  • A few users have complained that the wings of the swan have detached from the body after just a short time of use.


The International Leisure Giant Swan is one of the best inflatable water toys around. It’s highly durable, improves the look of your pool, can be used anywhere (pools, lakes, and rivers), is ideal for the whole family, keeps kids safe from unwanted incidents, and provides lots of fun. So, buy it and enhance your experience in the water!

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