JOKI Hanging Crows’ Nest Review

JOKI Hanging Crows’ NestJOKI Hanging Crows’ Nest Review – Life can be busy when you’re a kid. School age children have to go to school for several hours, come home and do their homework – and many of them are involved in a lot of different extracurricular activities that take up their time and energy.

Younger kids love gentle, quiet little places where they can sit. Now, there’s a way that young kids as well as school age kids can have a bit of tranquility thanks to the JOKI Hanging Crows’ Nest.

These are beautiful, brightly colored hanging nests that are constructed of cotton. They’re made to be hung from the ceiling give a child a sense of comfort and snugness. The material of the nest is tear resistant and the bottom interior of the Crows’ Nest has an oversized comfortable cushion with 100% polyester filling that kids just love to lounge on.

The cushion is removable. The material has the strength of a hammock and is durable and long lasting. Kids can sit and spin around the nest to their hearts’ delight. Some kids use the nest as a place to tuck their stuffed animals or dolls when they’re not using it.

Having one of these nesting toys gives kids a space when they want to go somewhere and daydream, flip through a favorite book or simply sit and swing. These nests are a great idea when you have two children sharing a room because you can give each one of them their own special space.

When kids lounge in the nest, they can feel a soft rocking motion that helps them to use their core to maintain balance. This helps kids to be able to focus when they’re engaging in things such as working on homework or relaxing with a book.

The nest also helps kids to keep good posture as well. In fact, it does so well with helping kids maintain posture that the nest has approval from the German Federal Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise.

JOKI Hanging Crows’ Nest

JOKI Hanging Crows’ Nest

The nest is comfortable for children to relax in but it does have an age and weight limit. It’s best for children who are between the ages of 3 and 9. The weight limit on the nest for kids 3-9 will depend on the suspension used to fasten the Joki to the ceiling.

The nest can be fastened directly to the ceiling or to beams on the ceiling. Kids can benefit from being able to have a place to get away and have their own private space. They can take a break and simply sit and swing. The outer material can be machine washed in the gentle cycle.

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