Journey Girls 2015 Italy Holiday Doll Review

Journey Girls 2015 Italy Holiday Doll ReviewJourney Girls 2015 Italy Holiday Doll Review – For those who like to collect dolls or use them in holiday displays, getting the Journey Girls 2015 Italy Holiday Doll is a must have purchase. This doll is part of an exclusive collection of other dolls in the series.

This uniquely beautiful doll is holiday themed and comes carefully fastened in her box so that she won’t move around during shipping. If you collect dolls, then you’ll want to make sure you leave her in the box to keep her protected.

She has wide blue eyes, light eyebrows and pink glossed lips. Her skin is ivory and flawless. She has thick, gorgeous blond hair that falls to a stop just below her shoulders.

The hair is a mass of lovely curls in the back and it can be gently brushed if you use a quality doll brush. The doll arrives wears holiday style earrings that are silver on top and have a dangling pearl on the end of them.

Her dress is wide so that it looks expansive and in formal style. The dress is a short sleeve wine red color. The dress has layers of tiers, which add to the appearance of fullness.

She also has on a pair of elbow length gloves in a silver color that go beautifully with the dress. She comes with a pair of white panties as part of her accessories along with a netting slip for the skirt of the dress.

This also helps the dress retain its fullness. The shoes that the doll wears for the festive occasion are flat and are in the same wine red color as the dress is. She tops the dress with a light brown fur shawl that’s also one of her accessories.

Journey Girls 2015 Italy Holiday Doll Review

Journey Girls 2015 Italy Holiday Doll

This shawl features a lovely ribbon with a decorative center on the front of the ribbon. This shawl is removable if you want to show off the dress. When you want the doll to wear it, the shawl stays in place thanks to the Velcro fasteners.

She also comes with a silver masquerade mask that’s perfect for holiday wear. Her small clutch purse is also silver. There’s a bracelet included with the doll is a rhinestone one that glitters and she wears it over one of the gloves.

The doll’s torso is made of soft material but the rest of her is made of molded plastic. Some people like to purchase holiday dolls as gifts for the children in their lives. If that’s the case, then this would make a great and treasured addition for any child’s toy collection.

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