LEGO Creator Expert Brick Bank Building Kit Review

LEGO Creator Expert Brick Bank Building Kit Review – Brick building games are a favorite pastime activity for many people. If you’re looking for a game that can be played by both adults and youths of all ages, then the Lego Creator Brick Bank Building Kit is an ideal choice. This game has pieces, sets, and themes to create and build. It’s also perfect for serious builders, Lego enthusiasts, and collectors of brick building games. The technical details are not as complicated as in other advanced games, making this Lego building set appealing to young children.

Features of the Creator Expert Brick Bank Building KitLEGO Creator Expert Brick Bank Building Kit

This play set has 2380 pieces designed to build a bank with two floors, resembling the architectural beauty of structures built in older days. The build is broken up into three main sections with pieces for the furniture, fittings, mini- figures of people, bank workers, as well as other unique pieces to fit in a space of 22.9 x 14.9 x 3.4 inches when complete. It has several functions and themes you can create as listed below:

  • An arched entrance featuring a large foyer with patterned tiled floors, a chandelier hanging high in the atrium, skylight piece, and stained glass windows.
  • The banking boot – This build comprises of the teller in the transaction booth that is equipped with a security glass and trigger buttons for the alarm, a large round door leading to the safe deposit boxes and bank vault.
  • Stairwell leading to the second floor where the managers and secretary’s offices are located.
  • In the secretary’s office, you can create an open drawer cabinet, the fireplace and desk with typewriter. A wall clock and espresso machine help to add some charm to this space as well.
  • In the manager’s office, you can set up a workstation with a leather chair and desk adorned with the banker’s lamp, a painted portrait, and approval stamp. There are also pieces for creating a filing cabinet.
  • Five mini-figures are provided to represent a mom with her child, the bank manager, secretary, and teller.
  • Other pieces represent a piece of blank white paper, document, a mug, candy, a camera, hats, bandanas, chrome golden coins, one chrome golden bar, bank notes, and the roof of the bank.
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Is the Lego Creator Expert Brick Bank Building Kit Worth Buying?

The game is worth buying because of the number of pieces provided and you can not only have fun building the bank, but also create themes and different situations. For instance, the bank workers can suddenly turn into bank robbers by wearing the hats and bandanas in the set. The criminals can then open the door in the bank vault to reveal a secret passage where money laundering activities are conducted or you can use the figures to create a laundry matt next to the bank where customers take their clothes.

Plus Points
  • It’s not as complicated as other advance brick building games and young children can play.
  • The set is designed with great attention to detail, making all the pieces fit and inter-change perfectly in a smaller space than similar brick games.
  • You have plenty of options and longer playtime and fun.
  • The value of brick building games increase with time and become collector items of value once they’re no longer manufactured.
LEGO Creator Expert Brick Bank Building Kit Review

LEGO Creator Expert Brick Bank Building Kit

Things to Consider
  • Beginners to brick building games, especially young children, may take a bit of time before they fully understand the game.


A lot thought has been put in designing this brick building game. It’s amazing how those smiling mini-figures looking like solid citizens can transition into criminals once they wear the hats and bandanas to engage in some bank robbing!

Overall, the Lego Creator Expert Brick Bank Building Kit provides endless amount of playtime and fun for brick building games enthusiasts, beginners and families. The fact that this game makes an excellent collector’s item is another compelling reason why it’s worth buying.

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