Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline Review

Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline ReviewLittle Tikes 3’ Trampoline Review – Young children have a lot of energy to burn and need to play in order to exercise their whole body and develop better fitness, coordination, and balance. It’s harder for kids to concentrate and get the constructive rest needed if they do not burn excess energy through play.

Little Tikes have come up with an amazing trampoline to help your kids stay active, burn off energy, and have fun at the same time. The Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline is the ideal size for kids aged 3 to 6 years. It has a large jumping area to help provide stability, handle bar to help them stay upright and encourage them to jump higher. The base has non-slip rubber feet and the trampoline is easy to move. Your kids will have endless hours of bouncing fun with this trampoline meant for indoor use.

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Features of the Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline

The trampoline comes almost pre-built and all you have to do is screw on the legs under the jumping surface, attach the feet, and screw the handle bar to the support bars build in the legs. The trampoline measures 36”L x 36”W x 33.50”H, has a height of 26.25” from the jumping surface to the top of the handle bar, and can support a maximum weight of 55lbs. Other features include:

  • Jumping surface made of elastic webbing, which is more durable than bungee cords and much safer than springs.
  • Wide jumping surface set on 5 legs made of metal/plastic combination with feet made of non-slip rubber.Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline Review
  • Metal/plastic support bars that are built in the legs on either side of the jumping surface.
  • Handle bar that you screw on the support bars to help the kids stay upright.
  • Foam padding on the handle bar to protect the kids from injury.

Is the Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline Worth Buying?

The Little Tikes trampoline will provides plenty of exercise for your kids. They can also use it for other creative play activities by transforming it into a picnic area, bed, podium, tent structure, wrestling arena, etc. The trampoline is sturdy, safe for kids to play on, and is definitely worth considering if you have hyperactive kids in the house.

Plus Points
  • Sturdy, well built and designed to last a long time.
  • Equipped with a handle bar to help provide balance, support and encourage the kids to jump.
  • Easy to assemble, take apart and move around.
  • Designed with a wide jumping surface safe for one kid to bounce and play on.
Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline

Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline

Things to Consider
  • Toddlers have the habit of biting and chewing on the foam padding on the handle bar. This can lead to choking so precautions like taping or removing the foam padding should be taken if necessary.


Little Tikes 3’ Trampoline is an excellent toy to help your kids exercise their whole body, burn off energy, as well as develop coordination, balance and fitness. It can also help improve concentration and make kids sleep longer due to exhaustion. Kids can use the trampoline in other creative ways and will not easily get bored with it. What’s more, this trampoline is strong, lasts a long time and was built with child safety in mind.

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