OWI T4 Transforming Solar Robot Review

OWI T4 Transforming Solar Robot Review – Children spend a lot of time indoors playing video games, watching TV, on their computers, or engaging in other types of indoor recreation activities. A great way to get them outdoors is to buy the OWI T4 Transforming Solar Robot toy, which comes with four transformation modes and uses solar power. The kit has an instruction manual on how to assemble and operate and is fun to play with. The following OWI T4 transforming solar robot review will talk more about this great toy for young children.

Features of the OWI T4 Transforming Solar RobotOWI T4 Transforming Solar Robot

This robot will keep children busy and entertained. Kids can dismantle and assemble it from one mode to another and then watch their creations move around outdoors. Some of the creative action figures your little ones can create include:

  • Robot with 2 walking legs wheels and moving jaws
  • Insect shaped robot with 6 moving legs and moving jaws
  • T-Rex shaped robot with 2 moving legs and a moving jaws
  • Drill Vehicle like those used by miners has moving wheels and drill bits
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Is the OWI T4 Transforming Solar Robot Worth Buying?

The OWI T4 Solar robot can make your child understand how mechanical parts work as it comes with an instruction manual on how to assemble the components of the kit and the workings of the solar-operated robot. In addition, the parts are large enough for younger kids with small hands to participate in assembling and are made of durable material that will not break easily. The robot is worth buying as it’s not just one but four robots in one. Like most play items, this toy has tradeoffs.

Plus Points
  • The robot is powered by solar and saves you the expense of buying batteries. All you have to do is let it charge in the sun.
  • Parents get a chance to play and interact with their children when assembling and playing outdoors with the robot.
  • Playing outdoors with the robot on a clear sunny day is good for children as there is plenty of free Vitamin D from sunshine.
  • It’s easy to assemble and disassemble and is a fun way to spend free time.
  • The robot is light in weight, small and easy to carry around.
OWI T4 Transforming Solar Robot Review

OWI T4 Transforming Solar Robot

Things to Consider
  • The robot can only operate when the sun is out and must be put aside when there is no sunshine.
  • It takes a bit of time to assemble the robot so some children may get bored and abandon the task.
  • The toy should be kept away from children less than 2 years old since there are small parts that that pose a choking hazard when swallowed.


The OWI T4 Transforming Solar Robot is not only educational in showing how the robot works, it’s also fun to assemble and play with outdoors. The price is very affordable and although it can only operate when there’s sunshine, the act of assembling the kit is a great way to spend free time for both adults and children.

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