Pinblock Review

Pinblock ReviewPinblock Review, There’s a new block in town and it’s fantastic. The kid demand for these blocks is continuing to rise and there are many good reasons why parents are eager to buy these.

The construction sets are unlike sets made by competitors that feature hard, unyielding blocks. Pinblocks have a pin system which allows kids to build endless creations. The blocks engage a child’s curiosity as well as help improve concentration skills.

The blocks all feature a beveled edge on them. What this does is it allows the blocks to be flexible. With hard blocks, there are only so many things that you can build and those creations end up looking chunky or like blocks.

But because of the flexibility of Pinblocks, they can bend easily into the shapes that kids want them to go in. And when kids can bend the blocks, they come up with more creative items to make.

The Pinblocks are so flexible that they can be angled. They can even be used to build round objects like watches or armbands that can be worn. These will fit easily and comfortably around a child’s arm and while the kid is wearing the blocks, he can even add to the design that he’s wearing.

Pinblock Freestyle

He can create wrist lasers or anything his imagination whips up. Using the blocks, he can create a Viking helmet or a hat. Of if he’s feeling particularly royal, he can create a crown and a scepter.

The blocks can be used to create a fighter plane, a jet or a spaceship. Kids can even use the blocks to create various characters such as heroes to save the day or villains that they have to battle against.

The blocks can be arranged to build a home or a fortress. Kids can make them into trees, houses or towers. These creations can be put together to make villages or cities. They can keep putting the Pinblocks together to make animals and vehicles for their cities or village.

Pinblock Freestyle Color


The blocks come in 20 colors and when you buy a box of the blocks, you get 5 different colors per box and you can the primary or pastel colors. The colors are labeled according to themes.

Each of the boxes usually has 1,000 pieces that snap together easily. There is a 900 piece set that has 4 colors that’s used specifically to build a fusion jet – but those can be used to build other items, too.

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