Plus-Plus 600-Piece Basic Assortment Review

Plus-Plus 600-Piece Basic Assortment Review – While Legos are often the first choice that parents go with when it comes to growing imaginations and letting kids make whatever come to their minds, Plus-Plus pieces are an even better choice that can grow with your children.

Plus-Plus 600-Piece Basic AssortmentFirst off, these are easier for little hands to play with and won’t get as lost in the vacuum cleaner as some of the smaller building blocks do over time. You will also be able to enjoy your child making flat mosaics or even 3D models, pretty much whatever their hearts desire.

Many children like to use their hands to explore the world and create things that come to their minds. Whether they are looking to make their favorite animal for the week or they need to get started on a project for school or other learning, Plus-Plus could be the exact toy that they need. You will love how it entertains them for hours, allowing them to create whatever comes to their minds. There are no rules when it comes to building, which lets your kid really shine.

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There is so much to love with the Plus-Plus set, making it the perfect new toy for your child. Some of the benefits of this building set includes:

  • Simple design – The design of these blocks are really simple, making it easier for you to create anything that comes to your mind.
  • 600 pieces – This is plenty of pieces for your little one to create something big or small. You can even share a set between several children.

Plus-Plus 600-Piece Basic Assortment

  • Wide age range – These building blocks are simple enough for preschoolers to use (recommended for ages 3 and up) but also work well with older kids who like to build and make things with their hands.
  • Endless possibilities – Whether your child wants to make a 2D picture or a 3D model, these building blocks will let it all happen.

The biggest complaint with these blocks is that they are a little bit small. While you will be getting 600 pieces with most sets so it isn’t a big deal if you lose a few, some parents don’t like that it is hard for their younger children to keep track of the smaller pieces. It can be a benefit for working on fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination though so the smaller pieces could be just what your child needs. If you are worried about losing pieces all of the time though or that the pieces are too small to handle, it may be best to pick out a different product.

Plus-Plus 600-Piece Basic Assortment Review

The Plus-Plus blocks are the perfect addition to your child’s toy box if they love to build things and create with their hands. The blocks are great for many different ages and the possibilities are endless for what your children will be able to create. Whether you would like to use these as part of a learning activity or during quiet time with your children, they are going to be a big crowd pleaser.

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