Rey’s Speeder Bike Review – Star Wars The Force Awakens Vehicle

Star Wars Rey’s Speeder Bike Review

The characters and the vehicles of the Star Wars franchise haven’t declined in popularity since the very first movie was released. These items retain their popularity because not only are they sought after by collectors, but kids love to play with them.

There are all sorts of things kids can do with them – like setting up epic battle scenes, going on missions or gathering the different toys to recreate the entire galaxy of ships and characters.

Star Wars Rey's Speeder Bike Review

The Star Wars The Force Awakens 3.75-inch Vehicle Rey’s Speeder Bike is one of the must-have toys for children who love Star Wars. The figure that comes with the set is that of Rey, who is featured in the Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens movie.

The figure is dressed in the loose fitting off white wrap style clothing that’s draped to help protect from the sun and the sand. She wears the short black boots and brown gloves.

Her head is completely covered by a mummy style head wrap with a pair of goggles over the wrap. This piece does not come off the figure. She carries a long staff with her. Her arms do have the ability to move, but they are not bendable.

She does have moveable legs. The figure comes with her trusty speeder like seen in the movie. The ship does have the ability to fire missiles and comes with one missile. Though the top of the vehicle is flat, this is where the missile is fired.

The press of a button causes the top to lift up and then you’ll see the gun cannon. The missile loads easily into the gun and fires. You do want to be careful when you fire the missile, because it does eject rapidly and forcefully.

The missile can be loaded separately into the gun cannon or you can actually leave it in the cannon without firing it. When you push the fire button, the top of the ship will rise quickly and let go of the missile immediately afterward.

Star Wars Rey's Speeder Bike Review

Star Wars Rey’s Speeder Bike

The vehicle can easily move across the terrain and the mission of the salvage speeder is to pick up the pieces of ships and other items that have been discarded. There is netting on the side of the ship that holds salvage items and this netting can be taken off.

However, these items do not come off the ship even they are so detailed that they look like separate pieces. The ship itself is extremely realistic in design. There are scuffed areas on it in places that make it look as if the paint has worn off.

This makes it look like a salvage vessel. The fins on the ship are moveable and it has molded jet engines for speed. The Vehicle Rey’s Speeder Bike uses the handlebars to fly the ship and it has a windshield. Her hands can grip the control bar and she fits snugly down into the seat without falling off even if you turn the ship upside down.

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