Roominate rPower Review

Roominate rPowerReviewRoominate rPower Review – There’s a big gap between how many women versus how many men end up majoring in STEM subjects. These subjects, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math are the key that can lead to rewarding careers in the field.

Sadly, there’s a lack in these skills among many young people today and especially in girls. Roominate, the company that creates toys based on STEM, hopes to change that. By using the toys that they make, girls can gain skills in problem solving and experience in how technology functions.

The toys that the company makes calls for kids to use their creativity to the build toys that rely on the use of STEM skills. Kids use the various kits to build motor or light circuits, to create sets and to use their imagination.

The Roominate rPower kit can be used to build a merry-go-round. By building the merry-go-ground, kids gain knowledge in how to solve movement function. They also gain confidence in themselves as they use fine motor skills to create things.

The kit helps kids learn how basic circuitry functions as well as cause and effect. Kids can use the Roominate app to control the objects like the merry-go-round that they create.

Roominate rPower

By putting the technology and engineering skills they’ll gain to work, they’ll be able to control the movement of the merry-go-round. They can make it speed up or slow down. They can also use the technology to raise or lower an elevator or to work a car.

The kit gives kids the ability to be able to control the lights as well. The set has rPower and the cable converters that make it work with the additional Roominate kids that you can purchase.

What parents really like about Roominate kits is that there’s never simply one way to create or one way to use the technology. What a child can create is endless. This kit comes with the building pieces that kids can use to build the merry-go-round as well as the circuitry to control the different lights.

Roominate sets

Roominate rPower

They can cause the lights to stay on or they can make the lights blink. Once they’ve built the piece, they can cause the motors to move forward or they can send them in reverse.

These motions will control how the merry-go-round operates. With all the Roominate sets available, there will always be something for a kid to design and build. A feature that’s really great about these sets too is that the circuitry is inside the control pieces so you won’t have to deal with a mess of loose wires. Plus, the toys are compatible with Bluetooth, so they can be used as remote controls if you have a smartphone or other smart device.

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