Sky Rover Voice Command Heli Vehicle Review

Sky Rover Voice Command Heli VehicleSky Rover Voice Command Heli Vehicle Review – Kids have always been fascinated by remote control vehicles on the ground or in the air. These toys can teach kid about hand and eye coordination, how to maneuver around objects – and they’re just plain fun.

Many of them take technology to a sharper level with the features that they offer. That’s just what the Sky Rover Voice Command Heli Vehicle does. This helicopter has the technology that allows it be more than just operated by a remote control.

Kids can command this helicopter simply by using their voice. It’s thrilling to be able to speak a command to the helicopter and watch it obey. The helicopter has the ability to be able to fly for over six minutes and you can choose to use commands with your voice or the remote control option.

The ability to control the helicopter from a distance extends to just over 32 feet. It does have the capability to fly above the tree tops, so your child will want to take the time to practice a little with the helicopter if he’s never used a remote control toy before.

Sky Rover Voice Command Heli Vehicle

The helicopter is durable and can withstand crashes if your child loses control of the toy. The toy is suitable for kids who are 8 years old and older. If your child chooses to use the voice command feature, there are 12 different options that the helicopter will obey.

Some of these commands including making a left turn, making a right turn, stopping the flight and rising higher in the air. A child can also order the helicopter to move forward or in reverse.

The toy has the technology to employ smart hovering which enables it to remain in one place while in the air or just off the ground. It does work on auto pilot and has a 3.0 channel with Gyro.

The gyro makes it easier to control the helicopter and prevents the helicopter from spinning out. It can detect and correct movement so that the flying experience is always right on the nose.

Sky Rover Voice Command Heli Vehicle

Sky Rover Voice Command Heli Vehicle

The helicopter has working lights and replacement pieces included. It can be used inside or outside the home. There is a lithium battery that’s rechargeable so you’ll get multiple hours of play.

It offers USB charging. The controller that comes with the helicopter needs batteries to work so you’ll need to get plenty of AAA ones. The toy also comes with a left and right trimmer along with the blades for the tail and main blade. There’s a headset with the helicopter, so that if kids decide to use the voice control feature then it can be a completely hands free experience.

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