Spin Master Bunchems! Review

Spin Master Bunchems! Review – Squash them, throw them, connect them and create wonderful characters with them – there is no end to the creative ways you can play with Bunchems! This mega pack includes over 370 colourful Bunchems, 36 base accessories and a wonderful instruction guide that details how to make some fantastic creatures and toys! Bunchems stick to each other tightly, meaning any creations you make are solid, but they also pull apart easily ready for the next creation! Wonderful for inspiring imaginative play, the only limit to what you can create with Bunchems is the limit of your child’s imagination!

Features of the Spin Master Bunchems!Spin Master Bunchems! Review

  • Instruction guide included
  • Ages 4 and up
  • Mega Pack including over 400 pieces
  • 370 Bunchems and 37 accessories
  • No batteries required

Are the Spin Master Bunchems! Worth Buying?

There is one question you need to ask yourself before buying the Bunchems Mega Pack. Does my child have hair? If they do, then you should avoid Bunchems.

It’s not often a toy can be so categorically dismissed, but Bunchems manage it. The problem is not how fun they are to play with, the problem is the very real risk to causing hurt and stress to your child. Bunchems can not only get stuck in a child’s hair – they get completely entangled in it, often resulting in a trip to the hairdresser in order to get them removed.

Are Bunchems well made? Yes, very much so. They are fun to play with, and it is true that you can make fantastic creatures, characters and things that can bring an imagination to life. Unfortunately that simply isn’t enough to warrant the very real risk that this toy provides. For any benefit that Bunchems offer, there are alternative toys that can offer similar rewards. There is nothing unique about Bunchems in terms of what they offer a child that cannot be found in safer, more child-friendly toys.

Spin Master Bunchems! Review

Spin Master Bunchems!

It is true that, if kept away from hair, Bunchems are a tremendous toy. But to take that approach means that every playtime will have to be strictly monitored. Children aged 4 are simply not capable of being as careful as they need to be with Bunchems, and nor should they be. By all means, let you child play with Bunchems, but know that by doing so, you are taking a very real risk that you will have to literally cut the toys off of your child’s head. Is it really worth the hassle?

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