Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game Review

Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game Review – If you’re a fan of fantasy flight games, the new Star Wars Rebellion Board Game offers you a chance to experience the thrills of conquering the galaxy. Based on the theme of the Star Wars movies, this game contains two boards that fit together along with cards and miniatures. It creates a captivating play board where the evil Galactic Empire goes head to head with the heroes of the Rebel Alliance.Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game

Two to four players can engage in the game, which features characters from the original Star Wars movie like Obi-Wan, Lela, Hans, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader working on missions for either side. The goal of the mighty forces of the Empire is to locate and destroy the Rebel Alliance forces hiding in secret bases in planets across the galaxy.

On the other hand, the Rebels’ mission is to rally support from other neutral forces in the galaxy, incite uprisings, sabotage, and surprise attacks while using leaders on secret missions to defeat their enemies. There are many features in this game, which we shall outline in the following detailed Star Wars: Rebellion Board game review.

Features of the Star Wars Rebellion Board Game

Both sides start with four leaders from the Star Wars characters to oppose the other side’s missions and establish supremacy using battle ships, ground troops, the Death Star, laser rays, moving ships and forces from one planet to another , locate their enemy, and engage in battle. The features include:

  • 150 plastic miniatures cards to represent your military forces.
  • You can draw cards and roll dice to play on the colorful boards that have 32 planets of the Star Wars galaxy.
  • rebelion gamesMovement of ships and forces from planet to planet is by picking the cards and rolling the dice and adding new leaders to access their tactic cards and combat dice.
  • Combat is decided after choosing a leaders tactic cards and combat dice and rolling the dice to determine a hit depending on which side you are.
  • As the Empire you can build star destroyers, conquer planet, and blow up planets using lasers. The Empire forces have in their arsenal the most feared weapon, the Death Star, which can destroy an entire planet once it locates a rebel secret base.
  • As the Rebels you can sabotage the Empire’s production, gain allies who will supply you with resources, make surprise attacks against the empire and enhance your reputation
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Is the Star Wars Rebellion Board Game Worth Buying?

The Star Wars Rebellion Board Game is worth buying as it offers 2 to 6 hours of playtime based on the bestselling Star War movie and has exciting cat and mouse games that will capture your imagination. Here are some of the pros and cons.

Plus Points
  • It feels like you are recreating the actual scenes in the Star War movie.
  • The instructions are in simple English and once you master them, the game is entertaining and fast moving.
  • The components are made of good quality material and the boards are stable with well-spaced models.
Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game

Star Wars: Rebellion Board Game

Things to Consider
  • The game is long and requires players that are willing to play for long hours.
  • The symbols and color codes for the game can be confusing at first and may need constant reference to the instructions thus slowing down the game.
  • Only one set of dice is provided making it necessary to pass the dice between players.
  • With so many components in the game, some sort of method is needed to organize the pieces.


Many people believe that there exists another form of life in the universe. The Star Wars Rebellion Board Game further adds fuel to this fantasy. With its cat and mouse war games in outer space, it takes you and other playmates to a world that will entertain for hours.

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