Step2 Canopy Wagon Review

Step2 Canopy Wagon ReviewStep2 Canopy Wagon Review – If you are looking for a cute alternative to using a stroller for your toddler, then you may like to consider purchasing the Step2 Canopy wagon.  This is something that can be used at home in the garden or taken further a field if you so desire.

The Step2 Canopy Wagon is ideal to take a stroll in the locality or on family outings. This children’s wagon is a unique design incorporating an overhead canopy to protect children while out in the sun. The wagon is designed with double seats that are contoured and have deep legs and is available with molded draining holes.


A Toy Wagon With Handy Storage Space Included

A large storage space is available in the wagon’s hinged rear seat that enables individuals to store the provisions that may be required on a family day trip. The Step2 toy Wagon has a long handle that can easily be pulled beneath the wagon to transport in the trunk of a car. As an additional security measure, the wagon is provided with seat belts.

Fantastic Canopy To Protect Toddlers In The SunStep2 Canopy Wagon

Within the wagon, the manufacturers have fitted two molded holders to hold drinks. A 17 inch by 31 inch detachable canopy is included in the wagon’s design. This canopy provides protection to the children seated inside the wagon from the heat of the sun. There are two additional cup holders provided within the canopy and a small compartment that can be used to hold small items like phones or a bunch of keys.

The Step2 toy wagons are manufactured in the USA and can be very easily assembled by an adult within half an hour. The carrying weight capacity of the wagon is seventy five pounds and is made from extremely durable materials.

With a weight capacity of seventy five pounds, the Step2 toy wagons can also be used to carry a five year old child. To get the best of out this toy, you will find that it moves nice and evenly when taken over a smooth and flat surface. Another advantage of the canopy wagon is that the child can easily climb in and out of the wagon by himself/herself without the possibility of tripping over.

Step2 Canopy Wagon Review

Step2 Canopy Wagon

Made with high quality material the Step2 toy wagons are durable for a long time period. Individuals should definitely consider this wagon to cart their children around after they outgrow their strollers. A few extra bucks that one spends on the canopy are worth the expense. The sturdy canopy keeps the children away from the inconvenience of the sun’s heat.

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