Swerve Ball Review

Swerve Ball Review – Parents with kids who enjoy baseball can easily satisfy the passion of their little ones with the amazing Swerve ball that lets anyone throw like a pro. Designed to allow the user to hit perfect pitches, this swerve ball will provide your child with endless hours of fun while he or she gains some pretty impressive throwing skills.

Features of the Swerve BallSwerve Ball

What many baseball beginners are not aware of is that proper pitching starts with the right grip on the ball. That’s why big league pitchers spend a great deal of time practicing proper gripping for various pitch shots. With this ball, however, users get to skip the tedious and not-so-fun practicing and skip right to the “throwing like a pro” part. The ball features special markings that make all of this possible. Thanks to the markings, all one has to do to hit the perfect curve balls, fast balls, sliders, sinkers, palm balls, and changeups is simply place their fingers on the specified markers for the intended pitch and throw.

In the spirit of making it easy to throw like a pro, this swerve ball also features a specially weighted design. The lightweight nature of the ball is a huge benefit for 6-12 year olds as it makes it easier for kids in this age bracket to handle the ball with relative ease.


Is the Swerve Ball Worth Buying?

This swerve ball may not feature the best quality in the market but it does make a good fit for young children. The ball makes an even greater buy if your kid plans to play baseball competitively in the future. Markings on the ball lay a good foundation for throwing great pitches with an actual baseball.

Plus Points
  • Allows you to play without practice.
  • Ideal for both boys and girls.
  • Comes with 3 balls.
  • The balls are lightweight and can therefore be used by kids of all ages.
  • Adjusting ones throw can be done in seconds thanks to the special markings on the ball.
Swerve Ball

Swerve Ball

Things to Consider
  • A few users have complained that the balls dent rather easily.
  • Figuring out all of the finger placements for each pitch can be a bit confusing at first.

Most baseball toys focus solely on providing the user with fun. The swerve ball however offers both fun and experience. So, buy it for your child and let him or her enjoy the benefits that come with the balls!

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