Three Little Piggies Review

Three Little Piggies ReviewThree Little Piggies Review – The Three Little Pigs is a story that’s been told throughout the ages to delight little kids everywhere. You’ll find the story is given many different formats from books to cartoons but the basics of the tale remain the same.

The three pigs have to outwit the big, bad wolf as he goes on a quest to huff and puff and blow down their houses. Based on that story, Smart Games has created a wonderful puzzle game that’s educational and fun for kids.

With the game, kids have to move the pieces around the board and there are 48 different challenges that can be done with the game so it never gets boring. The game set comes with a house for each of the little pigs along with the wolf and a picture book.

The Three Little Pigs is broken down into skill level according to starter, junior, expert and master and the puzzle pieces are the perfect size for little fingers. The game offers two ways to play.

The first one is without the wolf and the second version is with the wolf. During these playtimes, the kids will have different challenges they’ll face. The book that’s included with the game tells the story of the little pigs but it doesn’t use any words to do this with.

Three Little Pigs

Instead, the book is completely made of pictures so that makes it easy for kids to be able to interpret exactly what’s going on in the story and what the actions of each of the characters in the game will be.

What this does is it engages the child and helps him to be part of the story in a hands on way. He can move the pieces of the game according to how the picture book is telling the story.

The story encourages kids to use their thinking skills to overcome challenges as they get the little pigs to safety away from the big bad wolf. By using their thinking skills, kids can grasp at an early age how to solve not only the puzzle and variations of the game but problems as well.

It teaches kids to keep going to overcome the challenges presented to the pigs in turn. Kids will learn how to move the pieces to different spots on the board in order to solve the variation in challenges.

The Three Little Piggies game

Three Little Piggies

Solving puzzles is a great way to teach a child how to overcome obstacles in order to get to the end. Because there are 48 different challenges involved with the game, kids will learn to be creative to get the end result that they want.

It helps build confidence as kids reenact this age old story and even come up with new twists. The Three Little Piggies game is suitable for one or more players.

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