Thunderbirds Tracy Island Playset Review

Thunderbirds Tracy Island Playset ReviewBased on the television series, Tracy Island was all the rage in toys years ago. There was such a demand for the product that stores sold out and parents were scrambling to try and find one of these toys.

That same frenzy is poised to begin again because the series is being rebooted for television. This time, many parents are gearing up so that they won’t be left empty handed for their kids, so be prepared.

It’s no wonder that the Thunderbirds Tracy Island Playset is so in demand. This island home where the Tracy family lived was far more than an island although it was hidden from the general public.

The island’s true nature was as the base for a rescue organization and kids loved it when it first came out because they could pretend that they, too, were part of the team.

The island has a lot of fun features that mimic what went on in the television series. When kids push on a button, the first Thunderbird will rise up from its place on the ground where it’s out of sight beneath the pool.

Thunderbirds Tracy Island Playset Review

When a switch is activated, Thunderbird 2 will make an appearance from the runway and it’s really cool to see the palm trees get out of the way of Thunderbird 2.

The third Thunderbird can launch alone from the top of the mountain where it’s tucked away in the guest house and there’s also a Thunderbird 4 for the deep sea diving adventures.

The set does have both light and sound that go along with the rocket’s launch. The Thunderbird 5 isn’t part of the island. This was the space station setup so that’s different from the original but kids won’t be disappointed.

To the delight of kids, Brain’s laboratory is included in this set and it’s open so that there’s easy access to it. Kids will be able to actually work in the lab. The pool that fascinated kids of old is back in this set and it’s also moveable so that Thunderbird 1 can be on its way.

Thunderbirds Tracy Island Playset Review

Thunderbirds Tracy Island Playset

The launch pads for the rockets are adjustable and the island has numerous sound effects as the action takes place. When kids want to hear the sound effects, all they have to do is use the launch pad and watch the items move into gear, ready to take off on their own.

So that kids can have interactive fun with Thunderbirds Tracy Island Playset, there is a wrist communication piece that looks like a watch that kids can wear and use to communicate with the team members. Batteries are required and don’t come as part of the set. It’s suitable for kids who are 3 years old and up.

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