The Wet Head Game Review

The Wet Head Game Review – Playing games that involve the whole family can be fun, especially if they involve luck as opposed to skills. In such games, even the youngest member of the family has a chance to win which makes it even more exciting. One such game is the Wet Head Game, a water roulette game that has a helmet fitted with a water container using pins or rods to pull out as you spin roulette. The game is designed for children aged 4 years and above, and adults can participate too.

The Wet Head GameThe helmet, resembling those used in construction sites, is placed on the head and strapped tight with rubber straps connected to the head set. First, you have to lock the water container to the top of the helmet and then plug in eight rods into holes around the sides of the container. You then remove a plug on top of the water container and fill the container with water. The helmet is strapped on the head and the game can begin by spinning a roulette placed on a table.

Removing one of the rods will release the water in the container and wet the head of the player. The rods are pulled out according to what the pointer on the spinner specifies. It could be you remove one or two rods, skip a turn or spin twice with the winner being the player who completes the game without getting wet. The game is ideal for two or more players.


Features of the Wet Game

The Wet Game is described as a water roulette game where luck plays the major part in winning. Simply put the Wet Head on, spin the roulette and pull the rods. During play, the Wet Head helmet passes from player to player until water is released on the head of one the unlucky participant. For more than two players, you repeat the process until the player without a wet head becomes the winner. In a nutshell, features of this game include:The Wet Head Game

  • A comfortable-fitting helmet, which can fit both kids and adults. It also has rubber straps to help secure the head set on the player.
  • Water container with plug to hold the water and holes around the side for inserting rods.
  • Eight rods for inserting and removing from the water container, one of which will cause water to be released onto the head of a player.
  • Spinner with options that instruct you to remove one or more rods, skip a turn, remove a rod and spin again, to make the game more exciting.

Is the Wet Head Game Worth Buying?

You can add questions to the game to make it more interesting and involve up to eight players. The game is ideal in family gatherings and parties all year round. The set offers good value for your money at its price range, and it can be a fantastic way to cool off in the summer heat.

Plus Points
  • The game is a great indoors/outdoors and a fun summer party game.
  • You can reduce the amount of water in the container and play the game indoors during winter.
  • It’s easy to play and people of all ages can enjoy the play experience.
  • A family of up to eight people can play and have fun.
  • It is a game of chance and the surprise element makes it exciting to play.
The Wet Head Game Review

The Wet Head Game

Things to Consider
  • The game can lose some of the initial excitement once all the players have gotten wet.
  • The game can become un-playable if you lose one of the rods.


The Wet Head is a great indoor and outdoor game that up to eight people of all ages can play and have fun. It’s easy to play and every person has an equal chance of winning making it full of suspense and excitement.

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