Zoomer Chimp Review

Zoomer Chimp Review – Zoomer Chimp is part of the wildly popular Zoomer series put out by the Spin Master company based out of Canada. The company began with college friends selling a product called, Earth Buddy, not unlike Chia Pets, and over the years, their business has grown and evolved. Now, they are most known for their Zoomer animals, a number of robotic toys that interact with its player.

Zoomer ChimpOne of Spin Master’s earlier releases and a huge hit with children was Zoomer the robotic dog. A recharging robot in the shape of a dalmatian, Zoomer has the ability to mind commands, learn new ones, and react to specific phrases.

The Zoomer Chimp toy is based on this model, having a lot of the same qualities, but can balance on just two feet just like a real-life primate, as well. This Smart Balance technology also allows him to stand on his head and wiggle around, playfully.

Packaging includes a rechargeable USB cable, Zoomer Chimp, and an instruction manual. The chimp only takes about an hour to charge fully, making it an easy and painless process if he’s plugged in during nap time or children at school. A switch located on his back can turn him off and on which saves battery life when he isn’t in use.

Zoomer Chimp’s eyes light up different colors, from pale green, bright green, blue, and purple. When charging the toy, his eyes will light up blue to indicate his battery life. His eyes light up purple when he is accepting demands, which is achieved by tapping the button on the top of his head and speaking clearly and loudly so you may be understood. Children can tell Zoomer to “Sit,””Go Bananas,””Dance,” and much more.

Zoomer Chimp

Zoomer Chimp

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When interacting with the chimp, he can learn new tricks, such as following you around. This is done by waving one’s hand in front of his eyes until he begins to follow the motion of the hand wherever it may go. In total, Zoomer Chimp features ten voice commands, which are short and to the point, making it easy for children to remember.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of the toy, however, is the design and construction of the chimp. His dual-toned body and animatronic facial features give him a life-like appearance. Zoomer Chimp’s facial expressions, vocal performance and his ability to follow commands will entertain his playmate(s).

Zoomer Chimp Review

This toy requires no remote control, which makes him more interactive as children will have to touch and talk to him rather than simply pressing buttons. However, the toy does not have a volume setting, so if your child is particularly taken with this Spin Master product, you may be hearing money noises for hours on end.

Overall, the toy is well-designed and fun to watch as well as interact with. Children of ages five and older will enjoy playing with and pretending Zoomer Chimp is a real-life chimpanzee pet that they can train.

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